Are security systems necessary for vehicles to run?

what parts does a vehicle actually “need” to run? if you unistall or smash a security system will the car still start?

Nope, nada. Not all. Does nothing but prove a hinderence.

then i’m smashing that mothertrucker:japanese_ogre:

You’re not smashing the security system, you’re smashing the tile with the security system and the controls on it. It’s entirely possible that you’ll destroy the controls before the security system.

To run it needs:
An engine
its combustible (gasoline or diesel for combustion engines, or battery for electric motors)
a battery to start the ignition (in case it is a combustion engine)
controls (electric controls/controls/saddle etc…)
and wheels

As I remember, you need a security system to be able to turn on alarm in your car (and make it BEEP!-BEEP!-BEEP!-…)