Car Alarm problem

So, in my current playthrough I took a trip to an area of the city that had a nice cluster of buildings (bookstore,liquor store and grocery right next to one another) but it being early game I took the nearest car that still worked. Once I got there and loaded up, the car crapped out so I looked for another and lo and behold there was one nearby! With my Mechanics of 0, I screwdrivered it into working and then drove home with the alarm blaring the whole way (very annoying). I made the assumption that after some time of being left alone the alarm would turn off like in real life. This did not happen.

After hours of trying to read (Under the Hood - seeing if there was a way to disable the alarm), being interrupted multiple, multiple times and having to go out and deal with the dribble of zombies that kept getting attracted to the noise I wound up exhausted and tried to sleep.

No go. I got up and removed the battery. No go. I removed the horn. No go. Alarm still blaring and I would need Mech 4 and Elec 4 to remove it.

So after much annoyance and frustration and not being able to sleep because of the alarm I did what any sensible person would do in the apocalypse. I grabbed my baseball bat and smashed the area where the car alarm was. I destroyed the security system and went back to bed.

I love this game.

  • Shane