How do I craft Hexamine?

I am dying to know what kind of crater a keg of rdx can make. Problem is, I cannot find the hexamine in my crafting list. I can craft any other component and I believe that I have every book on the topic. Or have I? Did I miss something? Thanks for your help guys!

According to the Item Browser you can’t craft Hexamine. I’ve only ever found it scattered throughout labs.

You’d think it’d be in sporting goods or military surplus stores too, but never seen them there. >w>

Add it to the spawn list then!

Am I gonna have to PR it as mainline, or in More Survival Tools? o3o

Wait, do we have esbit stoves?

Nope, both the military and standard version of the mess kits specifically mention using electric heating elements instead of esbit stoves though.

Mayve I’ll mod in esbit stoves… owo

Maybe you could make them like a cooking tool version of the acetylene torch, really useful and efficient but unrefuelable. Find em in like mil surplus stores, school science labs and the like.

It’s a folding piece of sheet metal, making them unreloadable would be moronic. >w>

Now if you mean making the fuel a valuable yet uncraftable resource like the acetylene itself, that’s basically what I suggested.

I meant the latter as a fuel, yes.

Hmm. Any suggestions on the volume and capacity of such an item?

Sorry, turns out I’m an idiot and should really google something before I post. I thought esbit was just a brand name version of the usual gel fuel canisters I use when camping. So I really have no idea on charges, but 4 volume would put such a stove around the size of a oil lamp, which sounds reasonable.

Hmm, possibly. Other than that, unsure how to make hexamine stoves more comparable to hotplates in terms of efficiency without causing undue edits to the hexamine item, as it has a meager stack size of 20.

EDIT: Here, have a thing.

You can also find it rarely in kitchens I have found. But yeah. labs and some basements are best places.

Series 6 to More Survival Tools is merged, so now you can find it in more places if you use the mod, and the esbit stove gives it additional purpose. owo

Ammonia and Formaldehyde in solution. That’s how it’s made.

Wait, formaldehyde isn’t in the game.

Ah yes, that would be interesting if we had formaldehyde. owo