How do I aim headlights?

Are headlights for cars aimable? I was building a car, and accidently built in backwards (my steering wheel was in the back, trunk in the front. doh.) but one thing I realized is I was not able to aim the headlights. It tells me to, but nothing I did changed the direction they faced. Help?

Also, playing the experimental version. Downloaded 10/6

After pressing a button for the selec direction screen to disappear a cursor should appear for aiming the flashlight

Ohhhhhhhhh. I was sitting here pressing up down left right while the screen that says “select direction” was there. Thanks for the help!

During the actual selection process what happens if you just select the square the headlight is in? :stuck_out_tongue: Also not sure if many people realized you can use ^ towards a control without a seat to turn on and off some things, like headlights.

Random direction I think but i am not really sure