Cockroach is zombie faction? Intended?

What faction is huge cockroach? It is a mutated animal, so I can understand if it in fact zombie faction, but there is no indication that it is, so I thought it was just ‘mutated animal faction’
huge cockroach and zombies go out of their way to ignore each other, even when I went so far as to block a door with the roach, but the zombie just pushed it into the room with me so they could both attack me.

Zombies will ignore small animals like rats, birds, cats and such. Cockroaches are so small that they ignore them too.

no. Huge cockroach. It is mutant animal size of dog

Is it still small animal faction? Still shouldn’t be able to push without even a log message I wouldn’t think…come to think of it, even zombies pushing zoms gives a message last I was aware.

The reasoning can be found here as to why that is:

I’m not sure how much I agree with it, but that’s why it is.

Ah ok. Thanks! that explains a lot. Bizare as it is…

Hmm If they are going to be full on allied in order to ignore each other like that, then maybe insects should at least attempt to return to their own area instead of randomly bumbling around in the nearest outside corner when lured out?

Bah, its fairly minor detail of a confused bug to large for its natural instincts.

I guess what annoyed me the most was the COMPLETE lack of reaction, maybe some kind of ‘infighting’ could be implemented so that allied factions/ units would give warning nips and the like to give spacing? or like when packs fight over parts of a kill
zombies would at least ignore it, but other creatures should try to respect spacing some…hmm no I’m probably overthinking it again.