How can I fix this error?

there is error code :

If you want my mod file to fix this error, I will send my mod file to your e-mail.(Please comment your e-mail adress)

ps.All of descriptions on this mod is korean.

You created two recipes with same id and didn’t add a different suffix to any of them.

When adding two recipes with same id, you need to add different id_suffix fields to all of them. Those values are not visible to player, but are used internally to identify the recipes in save files.

For example, in recipe_food.json you’ve got multiple sugar recipes like:

"type" : "recipe", "result": "sugar", "id_suffix": "from_sweet_water",

"type" : "recipe", "result": "sugar", "id_suffix": "from_sweets",

"type" : "recipe", "result": "sugar", "id_suffix": "from_wood",

Then, can’t I change components in recipe?

Suffix doesn’t change the components. It doesn’t change anything in the game, only the name the recipe gets in the save game.

You could even have suffixes like “a” and “xyz”. The only thing that matters is that all recipes with identical “id” have different suffixes and that you don’t change the suffixes between mod versions (adding new ones is fine, changing existing ones will result in errors).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

got a same problem, but kinda intentionally
i want to change vanilla recipe with my mod, but getting same error
if i change id_suffix in my mod - will it create two recipes or only my will be used as override?

You need to add the override tag for the recipe.
It’s "override": true in the recipe.

Check out More Survival Tools mod for examples.

oh, didn’t knew about override tag, many thanks