How big of a mistake did I make by overeating mutant food? (version 0.E-3)

I recently started a new character in a new world, and after a week I found some giant cockroaches in the basement of a house. Upon killing them, I remembered that in previous versions mutant meat was edible, and the morale penalty could be removed if cooked properly. So I took the meat home, made some jerky and cracklins, and ate it over the next few days.

Here’s where the mistake happened: I did not read the description of monster jerky/cracklins well enough, and apparently, there’s a vitamin called “toxin”, and it does exactly what you’d expect. Each serving of monster food is 25% of the daily value of toxin (which I assume means safe dose?) and I ate 10 or more servings a day for three days. Now my character has had the “unnerving symptoms” status effect for three straight days (random and fairly frequent occasions where I drop my held item, get knocked to the floor for a few turns, or gain pain from headaches), and I cannot see any lessening of the symptoms as of now. I have lots of stored food and water but have been holed up trying to purge the toxin for so long that I’m almost out of books to read.

So does anyone have any idea how long this will last or ways to speed up my recovery? I can’t really fight anything due to dropping helpless on the ground randomly, and while I won’t die unless the toxins directly kill me or last for multiple weeks, this is starting to get worrying…

“Unnerving symptoms” description:

Toxins on monster jerky:

There was just a recent discussion about that in another topic:

Since you are in the Unnerving symptoms range, you must have between 1400 and 1800 “units” of toxins built up. Assuming you are at the max of 1800, it will last up to 19 days until you’re back down to 0 toxins (unless you consume more food that contains toxins).
However, below 950 units you’ll only get headaches, so you’ll be back to a fighting condition much faster…

Thanks! Being in fighting condition is all I really care about, since then I can go get more stuff from the local town. Your post in the other thread also gives me hope that I won’t have to wait too long - I’m not falling unconscious from toxin, so I can’t be at the max.

At least I learned my lesson with a character that could survive the toxin. If I didn’t have food and water stored up I’m pretty sure I’d be forced to go fight some zombies in town, which would be playing with fire considering the downing effects.

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