Fire Logic

I created a fire with a log and a stick. This fire quickly spread all around. What’s the login on here and can we work on it to make a little more sense? If I dig a shallow hole and put the fire in it can we have it not spread? Or maybe have a simple fire ring out of rocks be a thing? Also, I feel like fires go out way to easily. A well established fire that is burning logs shouldn’t go out very easily short of a down pour. How about creating a new item called glowing coals. Burned items would convert into this or ash depending on what they were. Coals would eventually convert into ash. Ash and other things can be used to make soap. Ash would fit right into chemistry. Also putting out coals might have the chance of producing small amounts of charcoal instead of ash.
Note: As to what happened to spawn this post I’m doing a wilderness survival run and my fire spread out of control from a log, a heavy stick, and a digging stick as fuel. It set me on fire and burned my legs to zero health before I could jump in a river. Also destroyed my two large sealed stomachs. :confused:

It might be in the More Survival Options mod that comes with CDDA, but there’s a construction option for a campfire ring. You need a hole dug in the ground and some rocks, but it will contain the fire. Contained fires stay lit longer, too.
(Though I agree small fires go out way too fast, and log burning behaves strangely.)

The log after the fire was burnt but remained…

Fire control is pretty easy actually. A fire ring as mentioned by Miloch added by a mod, or with some sheet metal and a hammer you can make a brazier, or you can drop them in a pit (not a shallow pit) and it should be contained.

Shallow pit seemed to make things worse, not better. Lol.

I guess we could make shallow pit a FIRE_CONTAINER flagged ter.

Also regarding the well established fire. Assume that any fire not contained is a random fire that will not fully burn.

Thanks. :slight_smile: