Hover Vehicles

There is something like 2033 or so? How about some hover vehicles (NOT hovercraft). Able to move over rough terrain easily but not truly flying. These would be things like hover cycles. As far as vehicle spawns go they should be pretty rare. Maybe find some in the military vehicle wreckage. Would basically have to have three separate thrusters. Lift, thrust, and maneuvering(aka turning).

I’ve noticed there aren’t that many ‘rare’ things in this game. While I do support your idea, and the thruster part seems very interesting, though I have my special twist to it. Then again, I don’t want to ruin your idea, but here it goes -

Pretty much the thrusters should be found individually in science/military bases, so that would greatly add to their actual rarity, and then requires a high mechanics or electronics skill to combine into, say, thruster pack or something.

BUT. Each thruster pack has a limited weight capacity. As in, if your vehicle exceeds X weight, it cannot be lifted with a thruster pack and requires additional ones. + They need electricity/fuel to run.

Why so rare? Because they could avoid things like mines, rough terrain, use of wheels and travel via water. (Water bases?)

Okay, I know this is going seriously off-topic to your idea, perhaps something of this could be of use, don’t know. Random spur of imagination, I guess.

Meh. I thought it was generally in the same vein so it’s all good with me.