Houses in dire need of an update

i don’t think they have been updated sense the wales version there so bland there must be like 5 variants and are missing so many things that houses should have. they hardly look like houses really no couches, electronics, furniture, no everything really just a few beds in oversize rooms a kitchen that looks the same and often covers doors and some book cases.

Should be coming soon.

Actually as it stands I think there’s only two variants of homes: Two Bedroom and One Bedroom w/ office. With varying inner-wall sizes…

Separate but related question, is it going to be possible to deconstruct house walls in the future in an orderly fashion? I know you can blow them up and jackhammer them but it would be nice to be able to take them apart without the roof falling on your head. I would also like the ability to lay down floors, even though functionally they are no different from dirt at this point. More an aethestics thing.

you can make floors it takes nails and planks and makes rain not fall on that area.

Houses have been updated a bit, (see the new backyards!) as well as the generation improved slightly so there should be less broken ones. We’ve also got the basement placement algorithm working correctly, so lots of them will have basements now as well! It is still a point of potential improvement for the future though, and once we get z-levels in be assured that we will be rewriting virtually all aspects of building generation to take advantage of them.

It’s not really possible to take out house walls right now, but it has been discussed, we just haven’t gotten around to implementing something for it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

For floor they already are constructible through the constructions (*) menu.

backyards could still use some things like porches and play sets and basements are little more than big rooms with stuff on shelves. i know my basement has several rooms including a laundry room, a TV room, a play room and a workshop also things like a water softener and a boiler as well as a few closets.

I’d just be happy with the ability to make fancier furniture, and maybe reinforced glass walls. Also maybe reinforced glass ceilings, for fancy houses.

Are we ever going to get wiring in the houses with lights and such? Or should this go in a different thread?