Beehive Box (craftable thingy)?

I don’t want any spoilers, just want to know based on the description (~if you can attract bees to this you can start a hive (*roughly what it says )) what I need to do to attract bees there.

Hint? Or is it WIP? Can’t even find it in the item browser. I’m sure it’s added by a mod but not entirely sure. Neat. Discuss. Be merry.

Edit - Info :

modlist :

modlist part 2

modlist (from JSON)

“Arts’ Guns”,

Never seen a beehive box (or that description).
Can you post:

  • the exact description
  • the mod list ([esc]->Active World Mods or open your game folder->save->[name of your world] and open the mods.json file)

so I/we can better help you?

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I edited the original post :slight_smile:

Thank you for being kind :pensive:

Well, you are welcome :slight_smile: .
Thank you for providing the requested information.

From what I can see, the empty beehive is from the MST Extra mod.
A bit of research through the source code of the mod shows that it can be used to (literally) build a hive.
It should be in the construction menu under the furniture category. You’ll need an empty beehive and some sweet product.
After construction all you need to do is to give it some time, if I see/understand that right…

That’s all, no more spoilers :wink: .

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Awesome! Thank you for peeking into the MST Extra source code to figure this out.

My pet bulldog must have been truly concerned watching me try to stuff grapes and old cookies into the damn thing.

Time to become The Bee Rancher

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