Hmmm a android bug

So i tried newest catalysm version i turned on only option software rendering and it instantly turned itself off after i did everything i had to do like i wonder whats the cause of it

Turning on software rendering crashes Android versions, I assume it turns itself off automatically now.

Which version are you on? I cannot reproduce it on latest.

I stand corrected, seems to work on the latest now for me.

From what I read on the Android thread, turning on software rendering may or may not work depending on your device or version. Though if your game works without it, it shouldn’t really affect much.

The 2th latest when i posted dis

Lenovo a6020a46 is my phone probably not supported also theres no tile support setting is dat ok?

aalright im going to test latest without softwarerendering

7/10 it works but the touchpad is kind of glitchy