High score table?

Is there a high score table in this game (I couldn’t find one), and if not, could one be implemented?

There’s a kill count, I think it’s ) by default.

We’d have to have some form of scoring before we could have a high score table. :stuck_out_tongue: This isn’t exactly a game type that lends itself easy to scoring, we aren’t NetHack here.

already 3 values that could work, days survived, killcount and net wealth, don’t think this game should fuse them for a single point value however…

expanding on it, here would kinda love some sort of global stats across all chars…something like what DoomRL did

All I’d really like to see is to have some kind of table that shows how long the character survived in each game (I use a random character name each time), just so I can see how I did each time I die. To be fair I still haven’t made it past day 0 yet so it doesn’t really apply to me, but hopefully one day it might!