Hidden bionics?

so the science lab near my base happens to be a bionics storage facilty(yay!). so i checked the manifest which had a total of five bionics on it. opened the containment fields, and nabbed three of them, but the other two are nowhere in site, yet they remain on the manifest when i check it. so are they hid out in a cubby hole somwhere or is this a bug?

The computer system lists all bionics within the lab, not within any particular room, they are in another room somewhere.

My strategy for looting labs is to open all the doors and grab what I see, then start closing rooms off one by one until I’ve grabbed literally everything worth taking (In some cases also dismantled all the counters for nails, depending on how many I have).

dang, guess i’m going to have to search the whole place all over gain :frowning:

thanks for the answer.