Where to find Bionic Claws?

I’ve been looking for this bionic so I can make my unarmed combat the stuff of legend. I looked through the item groups, but I can’t find it anywhere (turns out it’s not a military bionic). I couldn’t find a clear list of what drops where, so I likely missed something. Is it a Lab Finale drop, perhaps?

Zombie scientists have bionics item group as a death drop which contains bio_claws. You have something like a ~2% chance to drop from bionics, and then you have to roll bio_claws which is around ~1% probability.

I’m not sure how hardcoded butchery drops work though.

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From what I can tell, there aren’t any guaranteed bionic drops, except from broken cyborgs(they can drop power storage). Not much you can do about it unless you just farm bionic dropping enemies 24/7, or debug them in.

That seems to be the only drop for bio_claws. The bionic monster profession starts with bionic claws.

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I thought you could get them from the bionics displays in labs. is that not true?

If this line refers to bionics itemgroup in mapgen.cpp:
line 3750
item_count += place_items( "bionics", 75, SEEX - 1, SEEY - 1, SEEX, SEEY, false, 0 ).size();


I dunno. Just stumbled upon them.

Along with a copy of ‘PE070 “Raptor”: Proposal’.

And an Oxygenator CBM.

I found the Bionic Claws myself some time back. They’ve been serving me well. .
Also, wow, that vehicle is huge. Can we get a better picture of it?

Sure. Here you go.






Anyway, the best place to find Bionic Claws is any place with the entire drop list of Bionics, so try lab finales.

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I’ve never even seen one, let alone visited them. Don’t know why, though.