Hi-Point Kaboom

Game needs a Hi-Point .45 that Kabooms when you fire it.

Maybe 20 or so damage to hands.

Learning not all guns are equal :p)

One shot at a time.

Hi-Points are ugly, relatively inaccurate, and weigh a ton. They break sometimes internally.

But I haven’t heard any reports of them becoming glocknades, and for what it’s worth the customer service is excellent. The gun’s so damn cheap (under $200 I’ve seen) I’ve heard if something breaks in it the manufacturer is just as likely to send you a brand new one as they are to take yours in for a fix.

Running some hot loads in pistols that aren’t chambered for that shit resulting in self-harm would be cool, though, if there was an obvious disclaimer or warning for people who don’t know that +P+ rounds in a ceramic pistol is a hilariously bad idea.

Hi-Points are pretty much indestructible. They’re terrible handguns and they jam like crazy, but they’ll never explode.

Back in 0.7 I actually modded in Hi-Points and J-22s; they were basically low-quality versions of the Glock and 22A that spawned almost exclusively on drug dealers. I can post the old statblocks if you want.

I don’t think the jams are a fault of the Hi-Point itself (well, sorta) but the shooter. The thing is HEAVY, and as a result I think a lot of people new to it accidentally limp-wrist and get FTF’s.

I’ve never shot one myself but that’s based on a good bit of discussion specifically on the Hi-Point I’ve seen repeated in a lot of forums. I wish I could remember what the handful of people who had problems with it mechanically were experiencing. Maybe a cracked firing pin or something?

IIRC there’s a youtube video you can dig up of someone beating the crap out of one and the gun is just eats it up. I would provide the link but I don’t think my employers would like me to be searching youtube for videos of pistols on their internet.

I’ve never heard of a Hi-Point exploding. Ever.

They’re cheap and blocky but they seem to be well made.

Now those overpriced Glocks on the other hand, explode in the wielder’s hand so frequently that there’s even a specific word for it - Glocksplosion.

Glock brand hand grenades require a disregard for the manual and big beefy hot loads to explode.

Wait what the hell did I just type-

ANYWAY Maybe having some gun maintenance items like pull-throughs, oil, and whatnot assembled into a “firearms maintenance kit” that you can apply to guns to give them a “well maintained” buff to damage/accuracy, that wears off after you put so many rounds through it might better represent keeping a gun maintained and rewarding the player for diligence.

True, got the Kaboom concept from Glocks.

But i thought it would be better suited for a Hi-Point.

Atleast in-game.

But hell, if we want to get technical. Put in a glock 29 that Kabooms.

Haven’t researched which glock is most likely to kaboom, but 10 mm subcompact seems appropriate.

I’m not sure which one would be most likely to kaboom.

I would guess the 9mm running +P+ was the goto recipe for destruction, but a quick google image search shows the 10mm and .40S&W showing up in lots of pieces.

[quote=“An0n3, post:8, topic:3207”]I’m not sure which one would be most likely to kaboom.

I would guess the 9mm running +P+ was the goto recipe for destruction, but a quick google image search shows the 10mm and .40S&W showing up in lots of pieces.[/quote]

Wow, yeah, like a glock 26(9mm subcompact) shooting +P+… damn ouch.

Personally, i’d carry a glock 19 shooting 147 hollow-points any day.

But one in 45/10/40 seems less then ideal.

The whole glocknade meme actually started as a parody of the public perception of polymer-framed guns; a lot of the pictures you find floating around the internet were old, busted Glocks that were blown up via deliberately hot handloads. It seems to have originated on 4chan’s /k/ and spread from there, which really should tell you everything you need to know.

There was a problem where early .40S&W Glocks couldn’t take +P without the slide eventually cracking, but the issue was fixed in the early 90s and the defective slides have long since been replaced.

THIS, somebody make me a PR that does this and I’ll pull it. Also it’d remove the existing (very small) chance of misfires, which are really a problem with guns with rare ammo and guns fired full auto (misfires interrupt full-auto bursts). On the other hand you’d have to add a system for tracking the gun buff, there’s currently no way to track temporary conditions on items.

Similarly sharpening sharp weapons would be a viable buff for some of them.

Make guns get thirsty?

They drink charges from firearms kits?

Some guns get thirsty faster than others?

Why do I keep talking about appropriating the drink code?