Help with scenario starts

I’m trying to add the surface of the new research lab as a choice in the chargen location select for casual gameplay. I’m adding the ID code lab_surface_big to the locations list, but it won’t work. Where should I look?

You need to add it to data/json/starting_locations.json first, and then add the ident from starting_locations.json to the scenario.

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It says that it is unable to generate a valid starting location. I am making sure that I am using the ident “lab_surface_brick_basementD1_hidden_lab_stairs_north” for the starting location.json (as target) and the scenarios.json (as a valid location). Please advise.

You’re referencing the rotated tile name, you need the base id instead.

The following JSON worked for me.

In start_locations.json:

    "type": "start_location",
    "ident": "research_lab",
    "name": "Research lab shelter",
    "target": "lab_surface_brick_basementD1_hidden_lab_stairs"

in scenarios/scenarios.json:

    "type": "scenario",
    "ident": "evacuee",
    "name": "Evacuee",
    "points": 0,
    "description": "You have survived the initial wave of panic, and have achieved (relative) safety in one of the many government evac shelters.",
    "allowed_locs": [ "shelter", "shelter_1", "shelter_2", "research_lab" ],
    "start_name": "Evac Shelter",
    "flags": [ "CITY_START" ]

I’ll add some information about this to the guide for 1st time contributors.

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