Help with Mods, probably been asked

Hello folks. I only have a short question, one that’s likely been answered here, but I couldn’t find it when I searched, so how does one install mods in this game? I’ve played the game for a while, and I’d like to experiment with some of the modded content. Thank you in advance.

Well, if you are using the launcher, just go to the mods tab and it should be pretty self explanatory from there, however not all mods are available through the launcher.

if you are not using the launcher then just download the mod you want, then open your cdda folder in there open the data folder, you should then see a mods folder, just put the folder of the mod you downloaded there (if its compacted extract it first), then just create a new world and enable that mod from the list and you are done! ^ ^

If you want to add a mod to a current world that is another thing, and I never messed with that, so can’t help you there.

Mod selection is the first thing that pops up at worldgen, when you press “Create World”. The tab that says “Content” lists the mods. The left window is the list of mods currently available for adding to the world, the right window is the ones currently selected. Navigate between the two windows with the left and right arrow keys, and press enter to add/remove a mod, depending on what window you’re in. By default, Dark Days Ahead, Filthy Clothing, Disable NPC Needs, and Simplified Nutrition are selected, and can be removed at your leisure. Dark Days Ahead is the base game though, and thus can’t actually be removed, unless you want to render the world unplayable. Some mods are dependent on others, and selecting a dependent mod, without the one it’s dependent on will automatically add both to the mod selection window.

Pressing Tab will cycle between the three mod categories, Content, Blacklisting & Whitelisting, and Rebalance.

If you meant adding new mods to the selection screen though, the process is different. You probably also have to close the game before adding the new mods, so that the list can refresh once they’re added.

Many of them are available in the CDDA Downloader and Updater, but I’ve never tried to install them using that program, so I’m not sure quite how to do it. It was designed for ease-of-use though, so it can’t be terribly difficult.

To manually add mods, you’ll first need to download one, like this one (the OneDrive link is apparently the most current). It should download as a ZIP archive; most mods will.

Go to the directory where your copy of the game (the .exe) is located and find the folder, in that same directory, labeled “data”. Inside that will be a folder labeled “mods”. Inside that is where you’ll need to place the folder that is inside the
ZIP archive. Remember to get the folder inside the archive though, and not the archive itself.

After you have the folder in there, reboot the game, and they should show up on the mods list at worldgen, though they may not necessarily be under Content; they could be Blacklist/Whitelist, or Rebalancing mods.

Edit: When you have a satisfactory selection of mods at the mod selection screen, you can press “s” to save the list as default, and it will automatically produce that same list every time you make a new world with that version of the game. When you download a new version of the game though, it will probably reset again.

I did in fact mean adding new mods to the list, so thank you both for your prompt replies. Can’t wait to see how some of these mods change things up.