Help with Mod needed - HalfHunger

can you help me please with my first mod.
I started on Github with that but I think this is maybe a better place.
This is what I have:

The error message is gone now.

But how do i get this mod activated in my current game?
On the screens [ and @ it cant be seen. So it is not active, right?
What to do next?

Go to save/yourworldsname and find a file called mods add it to the list there

Edit : save/yourworldsname/mods.json

Go to the bottem and add " “modIDhere”, put a comma if it’s not at the end of the mods but don’t put one if it is

I don´t understand what you mean. What I already have in the mods.json is this:


To activate a mod in a world/save file you just need to head to the mods.json file inside the world’s directory and add the mod’s ID, cased in double quotation marks. If you put it at the very end you don’t need that comma.

Where are you storing the mod files and how?

if you have it in the mods file already then maybe you don’t have the mod files set right.


This is the content of both files.
“type”: “MOD_INFO”,
“ident”: “HalfHunger”,
“name”: “Less hungry”,
“authors”: [ “Andruschka” ],
“description”: “Halves hunger rate.”,
“category”: “misc_additions”,
“dependencies”: [ “dda” ]

what is the contents of the mutations.json might be a bug in the code

Wait a minute… do you have the debug key set?
If not set it to something and open the debug menu and use mutate hit the search key and type in the name of the mutation you added and see if it’s there

Debug menu keybinding " ` " for me
Open the debug menu
hit " / " and type the name of your mutation

The mutations.json has the same content. …CTRL+C
I´ll try your tip.

EDIT: The mutation is not in there.

Okay i think i know your problem now…
To be sure please post a screenshot of the inside of the mutation.json for your mod.


EDIT: The files name is mutations.json. You wrote mutation.json. Without s.

Is this an issue?

Yes… Yes it is…

As it stands you don’t even have a mod… all you have is 2 modinfo.json’s…

Now we can go 2 ways here…

  1. Me and anyone else willing to help trys to teach you to make the right file.
  2. Me or someone willing trys to make it for you.

To do it that way I got as a suggestion on the discord channel. Also the thread on github did not found out that im on the wrong way.

EDIT: From the one guy who showed interest on Github, there is a demand for such a mod, which decreases the insane food needs of the game right now.

EDIT: What is a decend source to learn what is needed myself?

There really is non that i know of…
How i have been learning is by looking at the code for things and trail&error…

To start you should look at the mutations.json from the game and other mods to understand how they work…

There are some mutations in the game (I think) that decrease the hunger and thirst
you can try looking at them to start.

For the catergory I got two suggestions.

“category”: “mutations”,
“category”: “misc_additions”,

Is there any difference of how I decide what to use?

I got annoyed and did it for you, plus several other similar mods. Link includes how-to on adding to an existing world as well.