Construct mechanical winch/garage door?

How would I edit the construction.json to be able to build a garage door that’s opened by a mechanical winch as you get with houses/mechanics garage?

I thinnk I saw something before where someone had managed to do it, but I can’t find it now.

Last I checked, and that was maybe 8 months ago, mechanical winches were EXTREMELY finicky. As in, they only work if adjacent to certain types of walls that were adjacent to certain types of doors. I don’t know that it’d be good to make a construction item for winches/winch doors until that whole thing got worked out.

Anyone know if they’re still like that?

I would look at the “palisade gate” construction since it functions similarly. The relevant code is probably in there.


I was hoping that, as far as I can tell, house garages are inbetween normal walls, any wall would work.

This is the only other option I could think of too.
So basically copy the constuction recipe for palisade gate/door/pulley, change the ingredients to say brick for the wall and metal for the gate and that might work

You can build a moving door with a plated 1 square thick vehicle and remote control it if you want.

That seems like the best option. I’m no coder so I really only understand the theory based on what my coder friends tell me. But from my understanding that should work.