Help: Starting modding and projects

I have some questions regreding modding, any help is appreciated

1: which program is good to design graphic elements with? And where to add the image file once done?
- And what formats/pixels is normally used for good CDDA graphic elements?
2: is there a list of flags and their function?
3: How to start making vehicle parts? And giving them function
4: How to use GitHub? And what does it take for a mod to be made mainline?

The projects I wanna work on for now is mostly focused on base building and especially underground:


1: pickaxe and jackhammer can turn rock and stone floors to dirt tiles (via construct, or via action)

3: Construction: Scarecrow, will be able to scar animals (mammals) away (tags?)


1: Fishnet/tank for catching and transporting fish, once the fish tank item is used, it will start using units 100/100 and once it reaches 0/100 and you haven’t released the fish, it is killed

2: Vehicle part: crops growing light, heat effect similar to a brazier, but smaller output and also a light effect, smaller area, runs off power.


1: vehicle part: Hydroponics which require power, and nutrients (item), can be planted with any seed, all with the growing animations from their crop version (Yes we want em!:slight_smile: )

2: vehicle part: farming water pipes, able to fertilize crops around it

3: a way to transport energy between terrain levels automatic (cables, or similar)


1: vehicle part: Console from which you can control all vehicles electronics from, and see conditions that have installed [Radar moduel]

GIMP is the king of free art programs. contains a list of many flags and what they do, though to my knowledge it is not a complete list.

Vehicle parts are not my thing, but,

And Github . . . was hard for me to understand as someone who had never used something like it before. I pieced it together from many small tutorials around the internet. Mlangsdorf has some stuff about it . . . I guess it’s on – which I probably should have just linked to begin with.

And best of luck. More people working the project is usually a good thing.


Thanks, man, I will start my training then, on the weekend :slight_smile: