Help me name this martial art! Please!

I’m trying to make a martial art based on historical medieval polearm combat the problem is that the name is awful! its Medieval Polearm Fighting (ugh…) please if somebody knows of a more interesting name that also fits with it I would love to hear it! the only idea give to me, for now, is Landsknecht fighting style, but I think that is not very accurate/good (since Landsknechts would use a variety of weapons including zweihanders and pikes)

here is the PR

Please, there has to be a better name for it, if there isn’t I guess I will go with the Landsknechts one…


Well, there’s naginatajutsu, which is the martial art surrounding the naginata, which is technically a polearm. Problem is, most folks would call it a ‘glaive’ instead of a polearm, even if both are accurate. I also don’t know if the art would translate to a heavier weapon.

But naginata are cool, so . . . yep. There’s my two cents.

There’s already Medieval Swordsmanship, you wouldn’t be remiss in calling it Medieval Polearmship. Maybe Polearm-Fighting? Polearm Stance? Spear Stance? Sounds like it’s mainly defensive, maybe Phalanx Stance? Stonewall Style?

That said, I still think we need to separate the to-hit bonus of spears between attacking short range and reach attacks. Most of them should probably be +2 or more with reach, and -2 in short range. Something along those lines.

as a HEMA(historical european martial arts) hobbyist I use this as my main source of data for schools or traditions I don’t know yet :

So you can call use the words schools, traditions or treatises. For instance, you can learn Talhoffer Fechtbuch (fencing manual - treatise) which is german school - lichtenauer’s tradition
Or Italian school, Fiore’s treatise “Fior di Battaglia”(the flower of battle)
Both treatises cover multiple weapons and situations.


How about Pikemen’s Charge.

Joust F*ckery? lol :rofl:

Sorry couldn’t resist. Google tells me it is just Pole Arm (insert defense/stance etc.)

Polearms, at least within the context of single fighters split from their (now undead) ranks, were normally supplimental. There was never really any singular “just polearms” fighting.

That being said, I suggest Flos Duellatorum. Also known as Fior Di Battaglia, “The Flower of Battle”, an Italian book of martial arts devised by Fiore dei Liberi, which, while not specialising in spears and polearms, included sections on it.

Though, I just think the name sounds nice, tbh.

Hmm… my main inspiration was Hans Talhoffer’s Württemberg, so Württemberg-polearm?, or just Württemberg style? otherwise, Fior Di Battaglia sounds awesome, I will probably use that, thanks for the suggestions!

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