Help making Ghoul profession

Hello everyone.

This is one of, if not the most, favourite game of mine of all time. I just really darned like it. But there’s one thing it needs!

I want to play as a ghoul, like from Fallout. A person who is still sentient and rational, but has rotting, greyish-white skin, patchy hair falling out all over and generally looks like a walking, talking corpse. I had a bit of look around and couldn’t find a way to satisfy my wish with any build or line of mutation.
I then tried to mod in a ghoul profession, or mutation, which ended horribly with me breaking my entire game and making everything go boom.

I would therefore like to appeal to anyone who is good with modding to make a simple mod. A ghoul profession, with a description like my provided one above about rotting skin and whatnot. I wouldn’t want it to have any particular powers, apart from making you ugly and giving a stiff penalty to NPC interactions (like being Ugly or Deformed). I just don’t know how to do it and would really appreciate any halp.

Simple mod would end up something like this you should be able to edit it to how want it by using it as a template however, any errors/problems you end up with you can always post on the thread

Okay, and where do I put the files in the Cataclysm folder?

cataclysmdda-0.C-X\data\mods (along as it not still zipped)

here would highly suggest tweaking it a bit…, because i feel it might be a really !fun! start as it is…

Thanks! It worked perfectly. You are awesome, now I can be a ghoul! :slight_smile: