Hearing Protection

So upon starting a muffler-less RMCC recently I was deafened and uh, didn’t loose the tag before I got tired of the save. Not currently this has little application but later (once power is working) hearing protection might be useful in factories.

My time living with my step-mother has provided me with another use for hearing protection: The ability to sleep over screaming. So rather than use it to protect your hearing, use it to sleep though loud annoying noises that would normally wake you up (Like turrets shooting rabbits all night long)

Two Forms: earplugs and headphones. The former would be very, very lightweight (if weigh anything at all) and have next to no volume (if any) as well as no encumberance. The later would have weight to it, be more durable, have volume to it, and lastly have some encumberance.

Thoughts? Is it possible to even implement this?

Sounds like an interesting type of debuff and subsequent solution. Can we add other things that can ‘deafen’ to make sound actually useful now? (firearms, granades, and the like?)

I think as it stands loud noises do deafen you, it just takes a lot to do it… like 12 V8 engines.

I shudder at the thought of how laggy sound calculations would be. Still, firing a shotgun inside without protection doesn’t do anything to you currently…

If the earplugs have no weight and volume I feel it makes sense that there should be a chance for the earplugs to be lost/disappear that rises the longer you go without using them. That would mimic my experience with them at any rate.

The smaller disposable ones would ideally be “used up” over time XD though I don’t know how difficult a “you lost the item” code would be

Erm, definitely realistic but doesn’t sound very fun. There would perhaps be a point to adding an “ears” category to armor if there were sonic enemies (shrieker zombies lol) but otherwise kind of a pain in the butt to code with no real fun added.

If you want to go hyper realistic, reloading would probably require at least dexterity 10 in a combat situation, especially if you hand load each bullet into a magazine. Shotguns would require at least strength 8 to not break your wrists firing them.

Wasn’t looking for realistic. Just something to keep you from losing your hearing when you do something stupid, or to help sleep at night XD


If we put in ear plugs, which is a really awesome idea mind you, why would we want them to suddenly vanish?

The boon is that we don’t get affected by really loud noises. The downside is that we can’t hear shit. Seems balanced to me, so why make them expendable.

I was just gonna let it go until freezerbunny made it clear I need to explain…

I was kidding.

EDIT: I just meant that in real life when I have something like earplugs (specifically earplugs but also nail clippers and the like) I can never find it when I need it.

Cheap earplugs should be achievable by just stuffing rags in your ears for if you want quick protection before setting off an explosion. And earplugs are fairly common in military surplus stores IRL. Maybe the Enhanced Hearing bionic could have two settings: to turn sensitivity up or down.

I like the bionic setting idea, kinda of a ‘manual remember to set it when you need it’ is exactly what I think of in a rogue like.

As far as using rags you could obviously use your fingers and a quick test proves to be quite promising.

Not fan of the idea. Besides even with ear plugs you can’t “block” an explosion sound with it anyway, can you?

Firing a shotgun indoors really should deafen. Guns in general are LOUD.

[quote=“deadmerits, post:12, topic:3992”]I like the bionic setting idea, kinda of a ‘manual remember to set it when you need it’ is exactly what I think of in a rogue like.

As far as using rags you could obviously use your fingers and a quick test proves to be quite promising.[/quote]

I don’t like the idea of having to set your enhanced hearing bionic, I mean who here installed it so they could hear the dog farting down the street? I don’t know about you folks but I installed it for the instant hearing protection.

Yea this is very doable, in fact some of the existing headgear should probably provide some hearing protection (and sound attenuation).

Actually this came up before, but got totally derailed with people insisting that you should be able to use hearing protection with no down sides (e.g. you magically insert earplugs at no time cost every time you fire your gun).