Healing and time scale

Since it will become official, a “blob” immune trait could be a quick fix. Very little healing, slow even with first aid, and mutagen don’t work. Perhaps the benefit of it would be the ability to use anything that mutates the player without cost, and various other creatures can’t piss in your gene pool. I’m not sure of the mechanics of the fungus but I remember it having a few similarities.

There is still a bone puree in the eye if it still exists, and those rare injections. Maybe start with a few stims, or near a Mr. fixit that needs to be fed more bone to keep working.

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I know it’s on the wishlist to rework the damage system…

It would be fun to have to take more consideration about confrontation, but that facade of fun can easily be taken away, especially when that hulk runs up on a survivor, hits them in the head, and gives them permanent mental retardation…

Jokes aside it would be nice, but time-consuming to make a new system for damage.

Didn’t mean to give the impression that I think the current healing rate is correct. I agree it needs to be toned down some, but I don’t have anything interesting to say about it since I havent put enough thought into it yet.


That’s great to hear.
Sorry If I’ve come across as pushy, I have a weakness for discussion and debate. :stuck_out_tongue: