Heal Function

Im trying to add a heal function to effects, since negative hurt doesnt seem to do it and the only other workaround Ive found is using artifact properties or aid kit style menus instead of a slow ‘regen’ effect.

Im found how the Rivtech stimpacks do it, and Ive doodled in the effect.cpp files, but Im not sure if there even exists a heal function outside of healall or how I would implement one.

Im trying to work out how to use a compiler but I didnt actually define a ‘heal’ member dooddad ala

 extract_effect(j, mod_data, "hurt_tick",        member, "HURT",     "tick");
  •    // Then heal
  •    extract_effect(j, mod_data, "heal_amount",      member, "HEAL",     "amount");
  •    extract_effect(j, mod_data, "heal_min",         member, "HEAL",     "min");

but HEAL doesnt actually seem to pop up anywhere else in code?

Heal function is actually available via negative hurt per turn.

It appears that while negative hurt_amount does not heal, hurt_min and hurt_ma do, although the message ‘your [bp] hurts!’ still displays