Have you/how have you beaten Really Bad Day?

And when I say beaten, I mean gotten to the point where you have resolved your conditions (infection, influenza, hunger, thirst) and can take your time to move on from there. I tried when I first got the game and failed about 100 times. Now I finally succeeded for the first time ever.

It appears it is utterly impossible to beat RBD if you do not find a working car. Repairs are obviously impossible at the beginning and you need to use the car to find antibiotics fast. That’s the only two “luck” factors that really come into play. Smash a fridge to get a hose so you can siphon gas into the vehicle when you get it.

I found food easily enough after getting the antibiotics from an ambulance, and the last remaining challenge was getting water. I was dehydrated when I finally was fortunate enough to stumble upon a farm which has a water source. I had 4 empty gallon jugs so I filled those up.

Now I can really get to playing!

I’ve never actually tried this, mostly because I believe it’s pretty much luck factored more than anything else.

However i’ve beaten lab challenge so many times i’m basically an expert at it and I feel like it’s cheating sometimes.
Then again my best characters are lab challenges.

The only real problem is the antibiotics, which is entirely RNG. I played it for a while, even as a tweaker, and if I found antibiotics, I “win”, and if I don’t, I lose. That simple.

I don’t play it anymore - the antibiotic lottery is too fickle for me.

Antibiotics weren’t the hardest for me. I mean, you gotta find it eventually. The real problem is getting a car, which you need not just to go from town to town to find the medication, but more importantly because you can’t fight or outrun anything.

Yea never tried RBD. Its excessive and I dont need the points.

I do play midnight start in a burning building as a hobo (alcohol addiction, barefoot, tee-shirt) with my mod on, and reduced item spawns while buffing zombie spawns. You don’t need a car to survive, but you better be a little lucky and also know how to play the game well.

Give it a try. Midnight start with an underequipped survivor surround by hordes of undead at midnight.

I like to play helicopter crash which leaves you baldy wounded in the middle of nowhere, but with a military profession.

where is that senareo i never seen it before?
EDIT: i mean the helicopter crash one.

Geeez, I’d hate to be bald

I have. It all boils down to whether or not I can flee into the night and not run into zombies. The burning and collapsing building you start in will attract zombies from a large area, proceed to loot the neighbouring houses. I found out by accident that first aid kits can cure the infection. I have tried tweaker but I just cannot handle it. Shower victim is just one point less anyway. The challenge gives so many points flu is not too bad, provided you invest into stats. Might be easier as a summer start rather than spring.

It is not always easy to find basic survival tools, but sometimes you get lucky in the houses.

What really does kill you is the speed difference between you and the zombies. You start sick and greatly slowed. Against normal speed zombies, you have to get lucky to survive. But try with ‘Slow zombies’ enabled, then maybe buff up the zombie numbers.

What also can save you is a basement with only 1-2 zombies in it. If you can take them out, the place is your first quiet spot.

It seems RBD starts can get quite interesting, at least with the latest (1-2 week old) builds. My current game is an RBD start. After a couple of failed starts, I managed to escape the city, and to my luck, there was an LMOE shelter not too far outside the city. I ran towards it in the middle of the night, wearing only jeans. I was freaked that I’d run into a bear or a landmine or something. What made the whole thing interesting was my lack of a light source. No flashlight, no lighter, nothing. I got to explore the shelter in the dark, so it became a game of bumping into much needed things, and then trying to remember where they were. Then it became a game of hauling some of those items to the topside, so that I could see to craft in daylight. Even after I was done exploiting every resource I could (think of), I was still far from combat-ready. Wildlife was very much a threat. There was a coyote hanging around in the vicinity on the topside, and a bunch of spiders, and I had to keep the door open to let the light in. So there was this constant fear that I’d get surprised by an animal while crafting, because the doorway was facing a river, and not the plains, so I couldn’t basically see anything approach the shelter. If I had been jumped on while crafting, that would mean I’d be stuck inside the dark shelter, and that’s assuming I’d get lucky enough to get a chance to close the door first. On hindsight, I have to admit, facing the river gave me the best visual cover. Not that I could think about it that way back then.