Hauling up and down stairs

Hey I’m new here but been playing CDDA for a month or so now. I noticed in a play through that recently they added a function were you can haul items up and down stairs. Was this a mod added or was it added to the base game? I’ve tried using \ and I can haul items, however it says they can’t be hauled down stairs and they drop. I’ve tried nails, wood and bodies but nothing seems to work. Is there more that needs to be done or is this just a mod that allows this? Thanks in advance.

Make sure you have experimental z levels turned on, can’t haul between levels without it.

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Thanks so much. This helps a lot.

Ugh. I’ve had no idea this was a thing in my current game. I keep leaving my sled upstairs and making raiding trips into basements the hard way. :frowning:

It was only recently added I think. I’m still trying to find how to turn on experimental z levels lol

Edit: I found out where it’s located to turn on but I want it in an existing game. hmmm

Edit 2: Fixed it. For anyone wondering how, find your cdda folder go into save then the world name you wish to turn it on for. Find “worldoptions” in the folder and open in note pad or some other text document. Change “name”:“ZLEVELS”,“value”:“false”} to “name”:“ZLEVELS”,“value”:“true”} and save, Restart the game. Make sure to back up the file before hand just in case.