Harvest CBM's from dead NPC's

I’ve killed a lot of Innocent NPC’s in my day, but I don’t remember ever butchering CBM’s from them. It seems to me that I cant possibly be the only survivor going around and improving himself to further chances of survival.

So what you’re saying is- We should give a time dilation CBM to that hostile ill-mannered little thieving chav running around with a Carl Gustav?

For whatever reason, what i assume to be a reference to something went right over my head. I just think that it would be logical for my fellow survivors, who are out to survive just as much as I am, to want to increase their chances of survival.

Just for example, Imagine The Walking Dead had CBM’s… don’t you think that the crew would have taken any and all possible advantages?

The survivor we play is an exceptionally motivated individual, having as much determination to improve his skills as Goku from DBZ.

in the end- sure, when there’s more work done to NPC’s ( “classes” perhaps ) sure, some could have a varying degree of CBM’s in them
( Just not in the linear sense aka- the “stronger” they are the more CBM’s there carrying. like one would expect the player to evolve )

my reasoning is as follows, CBM’s are a prestige for those with high INT & technical skills.
someone who was not working nearby the production / implantation / was a consumer of such gadgets - would rather distrust individuals with them.
[size=8pt]( What did alex jones tell the guy with 20 cybernetic implants at the bar? )[/size]

In general I’m not opposed to the idea :slight_smile: