Handful of construction items that would be awesome

So, acidia’s working on fleshing out NPCs as a viable force to be reckoned with. Here’s a few construction items that might be useful in terms of scaling up infrastructure:

  1. Evaporation pans – Allow you to turn large quantities of salt water into salt easily. Should probably function somewhat like the large standing charcoal kilns.
  2. Tarp walls – 3x two by four OR 3x pipe, 1x tarp OR 2x sheet – Incredibly fragile, but easy/quick to put up, and preferably tarp is pretty common/easy to make-- home improvement stores would probably have a lot.
  3. Large P.A. system – Allow you to make a TON of noise. Far, far more than anything short of large explosions. More importantly, allows you to do so repeatedly, over a long period of time. (Large scale horde distraction-- Or, if you’re secure in a base you’ve built, large scale loot magnet.)
  4. Light pole – It’s a lantern, with a large reserve, on a pole. Large light radius. Doesn’t block movement.
  5. Ladder – Quick, portable, fragile “staircase”