An idea to make construction easier

One thing for me that made building construction tedious was the fact that I have to walk next to the tile where I do my constructing. On stuff like making a long wall, this made it tedious since I also have to lug around the materials needed.

So, I got a suggestion. How about there’s some sort of advanced construction menu? Something like the vehicle construction thing, where if you do that, you get a screen much like the vehicle construction, and you only need to stand on one spot as you start constructing walls/furniture/whatever in an area with the benefit of staying in one place and only needing to set down your materials close by in one pile. Something like that.

I’ve got no idea just how feasible that may or may not be from a programming point of view, but-
Construction needs much love, that i feel is certain.

It could be interesting to be able to chalk out future expansion plans before wasting a ton of resources on a wall that is in the wrong place.

We’d basically need a way to store future construction jobs on the map, and then choose between them, and figure out how to deal with recipes that don’t have enough materials when the player tries to make them.

This could possibly be reduced to the partial item crafting problem + reuse a part of the idea for planting seeds.
A terrain could be changed into partial construction terrain (possibly some variants based on movecost), then have a partial craft pseudo-item inserted into it. Player trying to work on the construction would instead work on the item and when completed both would be transformed.

An extended action “complete all recipes within craft radius” would make it comfortable to use.

But then, partial crafting is probably a much bigger thing than just comfortable constructions.

Yea, some kind of pseudoitem might be a good way to do it, and/or a pseudoterrain that you examine to start working on it.