Craftable utility lights

I’m thinking about how annoying light becomes by mid game. Once you can build turrets, it’s pretty easy to get light sources. Why can’t we build utility lights as seen in the refugee center? It seems ridiculous that I have to keep some of my defense turrets down in my base just because I don’t feel like wasting batteries or flammables to read.

I suggest making a craftable utility light. Was originally going to make this the same terrain as seen in the refugee center, but in the GitHub thread it was suggested that it instead be foldable placeable terrain like the butcher rack and I think that’s reasonable (the ones in the refugee center are presumably attached to a central power grid, so wouldn’t have the same components anyway)

I’m thinking a recipe along the lines of, 6 plutonium cells, 1 steel frame, 1 floodlight, 2 electronic scrap, 2 copper wires, 5 amplifier circuits, 20 solder. This should be hard to get many of until around the same time of game as you’re getting turrets, where you really aren’t set back by the lack of light except to be slightly annoyed. Folded it will still be very large and heavy, something you might move around the base or keep in your car, but not something you’re going to haul around in your inventory.


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Wouldn’t that just flat-out render the atomic lamp obsolete?

No. The atomic lamp is good for mounting inside vehicles, or carrying around, or setting up in the wilderness to craft by. This would be useful for building to light up a base or something. It would be too heavy to carry around on you. The atomic lamp is too weak to use to light up a base, and has other disadvantages, like being vulnerable to theft/pickup by NPCs.


I think they would be great for static bases, but they would be nice if you could mount them on a vehicle with a larger angle of effect than a normal floodlight, but either increased power requirement or a shorter length area.

Plus, who wants to build a shitload of frames with a floodlight and engines+alternators/solar panels/storage batteries that make tons of noise & smoke, and need to be regularly refueled or micromanaged.

Floodlights already light up an area 360 degrees around them I believe, they are just limited by obstructions, like boards. Quarterpanels let light through though. Their power draw is also RIDICULOUSLY huge already.

You know that would explain things >.> I was wondering why they weren’t lighting up areas behind my vehicle well… I had to have like 6 installed for total coverage but my base car is an RV soo hmm

Oh god, and I thought I had power consumption problems with just three of the damn things. How do you keep that beast running?

Hehehe I have no problems for power… MWAHAHAHAHAHA


The atomic lamp, and the other option of making a floodlight powered by a generator, just illustrate why I think this is a good idea. Both of those options are pretty trivial by midgame, but have annoying drawbacks that I don’t think add to gameplay. The atomic light has a tiny radius and is stealable. The actual availability of light is not a challenge, but to get it you have to deal with keeping your generator fueled up and dumping fumes out, or you have to carry around your atomic lamp while crafting. These don’t add to gameplay, imo, they just make it annoying.

Hmm maybe add different variants to them ranging from the normal electrical powered to diesel and gasoline using ones… maybe one that can use coal or charcoal would be cool?

The entire point is so that you don’t have to micromanage them with fuel and such.

Hmm so a free very bright unlimited light source seems… a bit… futuristicky if going in the same vain as normal worklights BUT If it can be made using rare materials like I dunno an eyebot corpse or some such then it might be a little more believable.

In the base game plutonium cells aren’t very common like they are with the jury rigged robots mod.

True though just 1 might be a little low for something expected to light a significant chunk of area

Yeah, I was kind of thinking that too. I play with jury rigged robots so I’m not 100% sure how often you find them normally. One is enough to power an atomic coffee maker or lamp forever, so maybe five?

Yeah, looking at the atomic lamp recipe, that uses two, so five to ten would be more reasonable for this.

I agree much better though the “foldable” aspect of it. Is it going to be akin to furniture placement like the metal butchering rack or like folding a vehicle?

I’d make it like a folding butcher rack. You carry around an item and activate it to deploy it. Once deployed it’s furniture and can be dragged about.

Any ideas on radius?