HALP! Toxic clouds in the weed basement!

One of those toxic fat sh*ts just exploded in my basement as I was occupying my new base. Now the toxic cloud is obstructing half my basement and wont go away. Open doors and windows upstairs dont help.


Wait it out. It will take a while, but once it all turns into “hazy cloud” it stops spreading and just hangs in the air. After a while it disappears.

An hour waiting in the area should do. Wear a gas mask if possible.

Just to let you know, almost nothing done upstairs will affect downstairs so you can close your doors and windows (hell, I can’t even recall if that would help if the cloud was upstairs.)

Z-levels might as well be separate, non-intersecting dimensions you can portal to with the use of stairs (and occasionally traps.) There’s the odd clever exception like monsters following you down a flight of stairs ,but that’s just a range/line of sight check with a timer attached after you make it down as I recall.

In short, for the cloud to clear you have to be downstairs and waiting as the reality bubble is more like a flat circle and doesn’t extend upward or down.

Jepp it helps to open windows/dors if the cloud is in the same z-level. The same applies to smoke.

One thing I noticed with the experimentals that there’s smoke on the first floor around the stairs, and in the basement there’s a smoker standing there as well.

You don’t have to wait in the same basement for it to disipate. Find a nearby basement in the reality bubble on the same z level and wait there if its safe, it should clear out.