Halp in changing game color, plis


So I was searching the “Rec Room” here at the forums and I found with this post:

http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=7253.0” …

I entered an I see there a map of the game, but more colorful and eye ball-friendly. It’s this possible? And if it is, please tell me how to change the colors in the game… Thank you all!

As you already know, you can have your console-game with console-colours AND you may enjoy something a bit more descriptive and eye soothing as a tileset. I’ve looked into fonts and tiles myself, and fonts have severe limitations when displayed in the console. Modern consoles and IMEs only have enhanced compatibility yet retain somewhat strict capabilities. I’m mentioning this mostly because a wide variety of esthetic, so-called “graphical” fonts won’t fit into the 80x25, or whatever preset. That, and the emulated console is also cheap on color, so no HTML or CSS tags in rgb or hex; just old-system ones.

Your reason is probably why some people make their own, so called bitmap fonts and embed them as tiles in RL games.

If you create a PNG tileset, you can make the fonts monochrome - or single-coloured - if you wish, and store them within. The SDL graphical libraries that are used for those visual aspects have a set of tools for manipulating those through transparency, r/g/b channels and a few just as good ones.

I fear that in CataDDA the Map overlook (you’re seeing it) always uses the same predefined ASCII set when portraying objects. I’ve heard of a few Linux consoles that could perhaps work this out; someone correct me if this is Mac or Android for that matter.