Hacking and bashing

So I found a lab, there’s some cool stuff in some rooms next to a computer.

My character is a little derpy derpa, and last time I tried to bypass security it broke the console. I’m afraid to try and lose that sweet gear.

1 - What skill in computers do I need to reliably crack computers?
2 - The room is regular walls, and reinforced glass walls. Is there a way to smash through them? Would a sledge hammer do the trick?

Find a car, they are the best lock picks.

the lab is mostly underground. I haven’t tried to take a car downstairs yet, but I imagine it would be a challenge

Is it like a CMB computer? If it is I think with a computers lvl 2 you can keep trying until you succeed :smiley:

I have Computer 6 and I succeed 99% of the time, I’ve broken one or two consoles during my game.

You can use explosives or a certain CBM to break down doors/wall/glass.

Sledge Hammer might work on the glass, hulks can smash through it given enough time.

You can also train yourself to computer skill by the easy way,
try to find a place in a lab where you see :
A big area
A big square of glass wall with 2 entrance on the sides down-east and down-west; each entrance have 2 door, one after the other
Some furniture and broken computer near glass for the half downside part,
and a compter alone on the upper part - sometime broken but when not it will never broke.
Yes, never. No alarm, so pretty easy to train.

I’v also tryed to smashglass wall with a g15-intensive smah while i was afk ±15min, with katana, never done. not sure about sledge hammer (massive bash dommage) but the easy say if to make/find explosive (make grenade if you don’t find some, it’s not hard to make) and trow at it : don’t forget that wall are more easy to broke than glass, and glass are more easy to broke than door.

With batterie (cmb : internal change + toolset make it easy) it’s not hard to make a car downside, don’t forget to repair often tought or you will looose part.