Some REALLY wierd things going on with the Beretta M9 and brass catchers

Experimental 5265.

I noticed earlier that my Beretta M9 with a brass catcher seemed to be eating my shell casings. They weren’t appearing in my inventory after reloading the weapon. The issue seems exclusive to this weapon (my remington 700 30-06 casings appear just fine after chambering a round). After debugging in a bit of ammo and fiddling around these were my observations.

Attach Brass Catcher to Beretta M9
Fire 5 Rounds into a bush
Check inventory
No 9mm casings in inventory

Detatch Brass Catcher from M9
Check inventory
No casings

Attach same Brass Catcher that I just took off the M9 to a Glock 19
Check Inventory
No casings

Load Glock 19
Check Inventory
The spent casings that I fired from the M9 magically appear in my inventory

Testing with the glock 19 showed no issues recovering spent casings after a reload. Also I can’t seem to slot the M9 into an ankle holster. That may not be a bug, the gun may just be too big and I didn’t notice. Figured I’d mention it anyway.

Disregard all that. I’m a moron. Apparently guns with internal magazines spit out casings when you RELOAD them, and guns with seperate magazines spit out casings when you UNLOAD them.

I put a brass catcher on my L39B too and was wondering where the casing are after a couple raids, then one day i unloaded it and there were 900 9mm casings lol.