"Guilty About Killing" gives positive morale

Hello, it’s the BadSniper bringing you his first report about something that should probably be functioning differently.

I recently (i.e. just now) noticed that the “Guilty About Killing” morale modifier appears to be doing the exact opposite of what it should be doing, i.e. it’s showing positive morale.

The criteria under which this problem has presented itself to me, is the use of standard (non-FMJ/JHP/Incendiary) 8x40mm ammunition from an RM99 Revolver against zombie children at point-blank range to achieve headshots.

Steps to possibly reproduce are as follows:

  1. Obtain a RivTech RM-99 Revolver and standard 8x40mm Caseless ammunition (in my case, I found both in separate gun stores)
  2. Fully load the firearm
  3. Find zombie children
  4. Approach them to within melee/point-blank distance
  5. Fire the loaded RivTech revolver at the zombie children at point-blank range.
  6. 'v’iew your morale menu. In my case, “Guilty About Killing” was shown in Green lettering with +25 following it.

I’m not sure if anybody else noticed (or bothered to report) this bug, but it seemed fairly odd for me.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: For any of you who are wondering, I am using the latest stable release of DDA, 0.8.

I believe Ianestrachan made a fix for this. What version are you running? If it’s not the latest experimental consider updating.

OP edited. Thanks for asking, I completely forgot to post the release number.

This should be fixed in the latest experimental.

It’s been fixed (there was a missing minus sign), along with the whole “killing a bobcat makes you feel worse than eating a misshapen fetus” deal that was a thing for a while.