Guide to tiles?

I wanted to make some tiles by modifying the png for one of the sets that’s packaged with the game, but I have no idea what space corresponds to what object(s) in the game. Is there some kind of guide to it? Or is it something that has to be determined through trial and error?

You can actually set whatever space to whatever you want. Try opening the tile_config.json in a text editor, like Notepad++


I’ve noticed other stuff in the files that is not mentioned in that link. For instance, the multitiles function.

I tried to do a top down tileset but I soon noticed it wouldn’t work coz there’s no way to rotate sprites in order for them to make sense. Like making sinks, toilets and similar furniture face a certain direction depending on the wall they are next to.

Multitiles can be used with doors and windows but when they are destroyed, the direction they are facing resets to default so that doesn’t work either. :stuck_out_tongue: