Cant gget the latest version to run full screen

hey guys sorry if there is already a thread posted somewhere about this,but i couldn’t find one. i recently downloaded this game actually last night and i was stoked after watching a buddy play it. so i went home got on rogue basin got the latest version and start it up but no full-screen. its minor issue considering how amazing the game is but i feel like it would just make the game even more i guess bad ass for me. anyways if any can help a newb he would be very grateful. And to the creator/creators great game keep up the good work.

This is currently unavailable due to the code for making the game fullscreen is scattered all over the place and they would have to hunt down each line referencing it, however (For windows not sure about other OS’) Magnifier usually works just the same (For perfect fullscreen on 1920 X 1080 resolution 300% works perfect!)

The latest version lets you resize the view area. Check out the options, ? then 2.

Wow now i really feel like a noob. i passed that up so many times hahaha. thanks alot darkling.