Grinding your Mechanics past 10

I’m not sure what allows for uncapped mechanics experience. I’m trying to get my Mechanics Skill as high as I can so I can add more engines to my Deathmobile (my current goal is 14, where the 4th Engine is). Since most of the methods of grinding Mechanics after 10 have been removed that I know of, can anyone share any ways that I can continue to build my skill?

I haven’t been able to even get it to 10… I’ve been at 9 and some change though. I’m curious as to how to get it to 10 and above as well.

building anything that is your current level should provide some, but that doesn’t help when yu get to 11 and only level 10 recipes exist.

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I don’t really care for crafting engines, I’m more concerned with finding an uncapped source of experience for my Mechanics Skill. If you actually put some effort into it, you can find all the engines you need, so making them isn’t really a concern for me.

So, are there any uncapped sources of Mechanics experience? Like taking apart cars endlessly for experience?

i didnt played with cars for some time but year ago i got high levels mostly by repairing all that damage what car can get when battling zombie hordes

well, what’s actually stopping a player from hooking up multiple engines? what’s, irl, the concepts behind using same-fuel engines simultaneously or using some kind of switching mechanism to swap from diesel to electric?

it would seem to me that disparity in size . . . ?

Getting two engines to power 1 transaxle at the same time if they’re both using the same fuel for one, unless it’s a RE/RD with 1 engine powering each wheel. Then the issue becomes timing. Even a millisecond difference in timing will cause the wheels to become unbalance and accelerate at slightly different speeds causing a fishtail effect.

One a two engine, two fuel setup, the issue would be switching the drive train from engine to engine which is bolted directly to the crankshaft which to my knowledge is an internal part of the engine. Somebody with better car knowledge would need to chime on on the logistics of that one.

From a game point of view, the code currently assumes that all engines are linked via a shared transmission or other mechanism, which is the justification for continually increasing installation requirements of additional engines.

My idea for correcting this is to have a separate transmission part that has its own installation requirements, and can be linked to some subset of the installed engines.

Simultaneous operation of multiple engines would still have high requirements, but these would be based on the transmission rather than the engines themselves.

On the other hand, a transmission that allows driving the vehicle from only one of the engines connected to it is much simpler, and the complexity doesn’t keep going up as you add more engines, as long as only one of them can run at a time.

Likewise, you can install an engine and only connect it to one or more alternators, using it just to generate power without impacting the performance of the vehicle otherwise.

tl;dr Add a transmission part, when you install an engine or a transmission you get a popup or something asking which transmission to connect the new engine to, or which engines to connect the new transmission to. Transmissions are implicitly linked to all wheels, a side effect of this is that you can only install one transmission (or one functional transmission?) per vehicle.


I see a flaw in that where electric enginscare concerned since you can literally install one per wheel with zero transmission system and still have a fully functioning vehicle.

Hub motors would need to use an entirely different system, and considering that there only seem to be two commercially viable hub motor systems for large vehicles, I’m not at all sure that they’re worth adding that special handling.

I wasn’t thinking small scale like a hub motor, although I probably should have been. I was thinking a 4 wheel, 4 electric motor setup with the vehicle control system including a full quad DC voltage control and regulation system to keep the 4 wheels in lock step at all times so the voltage at each wheel never changes causing the car to fishtail. The system would require electric motors to be installed in pairs on opposite sides of the vehicle (like how tires check for balance).

I mean in practice, the vehicle is gonna need either a minireactor, several days in the sun, or a 0.6l engine with a 7.5kW generator to charge them batteries back up.

Oh right, yea those solutions are a lot more common aren’t they.
Meh, I don’t know, that makes adding a custom system to handle them more likely, but it still seems unreasonable to shoehorn them into the existing system.

well, that is specifically how mega trucks work in real life. they have a big diesel engine/generator and the wheels have electric motors.