Grappling hook uses

I’d like to be able to get on roofs with the grappling hook or a ladder? Use your hook, direction to use. Use it to climb up. Leaves a “hook” indicator where the grappling hook is? Can use the “Apply or Use Item” menu to retract it back to inventory from either level.

Yeah, now that acidia’s work is transitioning into mainline this is becoming practically necessary.

I’m not familiar with acidia’s work, what mods does he/she work on?

He’s actually a proper dev, his stuff is only temporarily mod while he works on it, and integrates it into the main game.

Anyhow, he’s working on some dense city structures. Multistory buildings, packed tightly together. It looks really cool, not that I’ve actually tried them yet.

Oh that could be really interesting. I’ve just started to delve into the code for the game and starting to familiarize myself with it. Was gonna start by making a few mods. Professions and a few items to start with. It’s harder than it looks when you start looking at the item mechanics for the “use_action”: {} function. I was gonna try to make the modification for the grappling hook myself hahaha but idk if I’m even capable yet. Delving into the c++ side is looking daunting

…how exactly is someone supposed to detach a grappling hook from below?

I don’t think you can detach it at all.

which might be a decent balance mechanic, to prevent players from zipping up and down every time there’s a monster they don’t like.