Graken give normal meat not tainted ahhh alien

Playing experimental build 10522 …yea not sure the creature should give normal meat being nether inhabitant all … i mean mi go give tainted meat yea…

this is not really a problem but yea it is a thing …begin neutral,not really like they valid food source being rare then farm and all

I like that there is variety in nether creatures, like they don’t necessarily all come from the same place with the same rules.

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Ahhh, the exotic delicacies of the cataclysm. Maybe we should at a special graken dish to go along with it. It would bring the cataclysm culinary standard to new hights. :face_with_monocle:

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I agree, the fact that SOME nether creatures are edible makes for a more interesting story. If my lore isn’t out of date, all the nether critters ARE from different places. There are some that can adapt to our environment and those are the ones we see roaming about. I’d personally like to see some examples of non-adapters, ie. corpses of strange critters or encounters with dying versions of same in close proximity to portals. The way portal spawn mechanics work would support sudden attacks by things that began dying the moment they came through the portal.


Amoebic blob,Blank body,Breather [Breather spawn],Flaming eye,Flying polyp,Gozu, Gracken, Hunting horror, Kreck, Mi-go, Shadow,Shadow snake,Shoggoth, Wraith, Yugg are all the Netherworld inhabitants

and pretty sure the only one the give normal meat being graken not even the blank body
give normal meat pretty sure give human meat …

a graken being more better snack then black body
graken “ This is some form of eldritch monstrosity; an uncouth black being with smooth, oily, skin and unpleasant horns that curve inward toward each other. Tall and thin, the shadows cling unnaturally to its vaguely defined humanoid form as it shuffles along, its hands twitching and spasming so rapidly as to appear a little more than a black blur of claws. Gazing upon its disturbing form fills you with an unspeakable terror.”
black body This is some form of unnatural changeling creature; its appearance is a bland mockery of the human form. Featureless and pale, its repugnant countenance is all the more unsettling due to its lack of eyes and distinguishing features except for a perfectly round mouth. Naked and trembling, it almost seems pitiful but for the way that its unearthly presence makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up in nameless horror. i know it is not point to this argument but still

question why blank body human meat and graken is not then both being vaguely defined humanoid

Truly a delicacy. We have all these exotic creatures coming form other dimentions no less and this one is the only one edible. Truly a extra dimentional delicacy that humanity should at to the wasteland cuisine beside the likes of wastebread, mutant steak and man kebabe.

If only for the fact that humanity at this point eats anything including gaint bugs, mutants and eachother. So a edible creature from another dimention doesn’t seem like a bad addition.

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