Graken the new wasteland delicacy

So this idea was sparked by the following tread: Graken give normal meat not tainted ahhh alien

I thought given that all of the other nether creatures either can’t be butcher (becease they leave behind no corpses) or give tainted/mutant meat. Wouldn’t it be fun to have just one nethercreature that isn’t just save to eat, which the graken is right now, but infact gives a special kind of meat/organs that have enhanced nutricinal valeu and enjoyebility inherited into any dish you make with it. This would give gracken more flavor since all they do now is stand around not attacking the player and give the player a reason to interect/hunt them instead of just ignoring them.

(anyone know how to farm grecken around portals yet?)


nice one this could be something


I do like the idea, just wondering if the biocompatibility would be realistic, or if there would be a way to explain why its the only biocompatible nether creature.

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What we call the nether is a collection of different dimentions with laws of physics that can differ wildly form our own but some dimentions are more like our dimention and some even produce life that is biocompatibal with our boilogy. all of the big tree for example are in some form or another biocompatable with earth biology since they interact with vaious things the same way earth life would depending on what they are. the blob is able to interact with animal life and even convert it’s tisseu to make more of itself and it does have a nutrisinal valeu if consumed so the form the blob takes on earth is must be carbon based life with similar biochemisty, otherwise it would be able to mutate and interact with earth life in the way we see it do but it is still different enough to be poisinous if consumed. The triffid and mycus meanwhile are as far as biochemistry goes identical to earth life, this can be seen in the fact that they are varebul to the same things as earth life (poison/fungecide will effect them whereas the blob couldn’t care less) and the fact that you can eat them safely even raw with no side-effects (unless intended) and they contain calories, neutrians and vitamins which in en of itself is irrefutable evidence that they do have the same biochemistry as use. so as far as biocompatability is conserned there is definedly a president for it.

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fair enough. Now I wanna see some more extreme examples of bad biochemical compatibility lol. (Silicone life, ammonia based solvent life, methane, ect)

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maybe the just cant pass on this world just because the die of asphyxiation or temperature difference