Gotta Go fast ( Fastest Gas and Eletric Cars here)

I got really bored after 60+ hours of game play until I came across a 72 tile road. So ive decided to make the most fastest pos I could.

So far 1,300 mph before engine blowout. ( I exit and reload save since this was just a test run. Previous test runs I touched a wreck and spontaneously combusted.)
I’ve maxed out on 23 mechanics, ate 10,000+ 2x4s to power my integrated toolset. My vehicle consists of 8 gas tanks and 7 6.21+ liter engines. IT WAS HELL finding the best. Ive seen footage of the next version of cataclysm where 7.3 Liter engines exists… (shudders)
I’ve also noticed this new version wide wheel seem to reduce speed more, so ive been using wheels. If I can I will try out bicycle wheels and see if their more productive.

SO I decided to post the question~
What is YOUR fastest gas or Electric car?

…Did you do all of it vanilla or with debug?

After about 250 MPH there’s no real increase in speed, it just says it’s going faster on the speedometer.

Get a Gtaguy Brand[sup]tm[/sup] warp drive!
Build an armored ring around a shopping cart with hard plating.
Drive vehicle so it collides with the cart.
The cart bounces off at near light speed.
The cart impacts the ring, jolting you forward.
The cart doesn’t move as fast as you, so it continues impacting until you either hit something stronger than you or the cart breaks.

I don’t quite get it. You’ve got three vehicles right

  1. Shopping cart
  2. Armoured ring
  3. The one you drive into it to start things off.

Which one are you setting in? How do you drive into the shopping cart if it’s surrounded by the ring?

i think the armored ring he is talking about is a part of the vehicle you drive

Its all vanilla without skill rust. I only used debug to spawn food after i went crazy from repetitive house raids. I did savescum my mutations and CBMS


Yep. This might have been patched. I doubt it though.

You broke Ballfairy’s record!

I tried the ‘ring and shopping cart’ thing and accelerated quickly until the cart was destroyed. I got to about 60 mph.

[quote=“TheFlame52, post:11, topic:5212”]I tried the ‘ring and shopping cart’ thing and accelerated quickly until the cart was destroyed. I got to about 60 mph.[/quote]Try a heavy frame cart and Military Composite Plating next time.

I did. That’s what happened. It was even worse with the regular cart.

It was a ring of heavy plates and military composite armor around a shopping cart. This isn’t hard to do. Once you build it you can reach 1-2km/h speeds.

Ok now i cheated to get this together in experimental.
It has 3 15 litter v12s, shopping cart frames and casters for wheels.
It’s min speed is 80mph so its not for in town use.

I drooled when I went through the item list and spotted v12 engines. However I think there’s a speed cap of 250 mph. The speedometer keeps going but nothing happens. Perhaps we can make the jump to light speed…

I’ve done tests with edited engines that were much bigger than stock sizes, now they gave me huge speed readings of 8000mph+ and for the most part it was like driving a 250mph bike,just at 250 all the time.

Bumps where different as due to the high set speed it would spin and keep going at its true speed of 250mph, now your faceing side ways but with your momentum going strait on, so steering back to a strait line was imposable before the next bump.

That’s when it’s time to hit ‘s’ to stop, hopefully before you hit something a bit bigger than a bump.