Good Plasma Rifle (Mod)

Would you have to make the weapon consume the liquid in the sealed magazine? I was thinking it would just stay there, and be a way for the game to track if the contents were hot/cold/frozen.
As for weapon tracking magazine temperature, if you can’t do this easily or at all, instead implement a counting/point system or something based on how much its been fired and on what setting, instead of directly tracking the temperature. The magazine would just always get ejected when the counter hit a certain value, and would pop into reality hot. Have it be unusable while it has the hot tag.

Yeah, none of that is do-able through JSON. As of now I only have access to JSON.

Well, the counter bit is. Basically all I can do is like I’ve done thus far, have a transformation that refills something with ammunition. I MIGHT be able to skip the current cooling/standby mode system by converting it to use a delayed transformation, but I don’t know for sure.

I’ll take your word for it, I have almost zero experience messing with JSON. I couldn’t program my way out of a wet paper bag.

I’ve only ever programmed in MATLAB back in college, and really I was only good at making ones that worked by brute force or tricking the code into doing what I wanted rather than having elegant programs which accomplished my goal directly.

A JSON file is literally just a list of values that you want something to have, which is why this is so difficult to make happen. The only things I can do is transformations and mechanics that already exist ingame, like using a charge every turn and making it transform when it runs out of charges.

Yeah, I know. I’ve opened up some of the game files, they looked kind of like Dwarf Fortress raws, which I’ve edited plenty. But I am not familiar with this program’s workings enough to play with them. Yet.