GOO.. what she eats or from what she breeds, and EATing


I found no apparent reason for GOO to reproduce itself, and also not found that some thing close to where goo will be located - would disappear. is goo eat? or that it is - “the holy spirit eats?” (meaning that the Holy Spirit nourishes it)

What is it? I understand that mutations of some being brought him to this kind of mutation - to Goo.
Like zombear of rottweiler or zombie-dog or some of. i think goo is a kind of mutated monsters.

although, I must admit, I did not find the signs and the fact that, for example, conventional (non-mutated) wolves killing, for example, a rabbit, it ate. we “feed” - and then once - common wild (former home) dog. In order to make friends with it, we need to use the dog food. but - on something, it is like all the others - runs his business and I did not notice that she asked to eat. that is, do not eat dog (and I lived as much more a week - had lived for months). and it remains alive until it will not kill anyone. even in this game alone, I eat something and somehow suffer from hunger. so it turns out? but this is wront, it should not be!
game character, if you think about it - just simply one of the game monsters, which controls not artificial intelligence, but man.

although word of truth’s sake, I noticed how the game character, people (not me) tried something to eat, but because of an error of enumerator of things in your inventory, he tried (of course, without success) to eat non-food items. it was only in my memory the case when someone, not just me, trying to eat something in the game.

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Is…is OP even speaking English?

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Damnit people behave. OP is russian, and obviously has some trouble with english.

Hey Vivat, people are having a lot of trouble reading what you are trying to say.

I seem to gather you are wondering if goo consumes anything. Aka, what provides it nourishment, what drives the almost magical things it can do.

Personally I assume it is something like, the other dimension has different rules of physics, which allows the strange stuff the goo seems to be able to do.

ok. goo = is a transdimensional amomaly. is it like in a Ray Bradbury’s fiction story “Tomorrow’s Child”?


A little late to the discussion but I believe purifier are in fact Human[sup]tm[/sup] Mutagen. It makes you more human, aka “normalize” you back to your previous form.

As for Goo, they are from the Netherworld - a sub plane, which are vastly different from our prime plane. Goo are basically more primival beings compare to other Nether inhabitants - things like gracken, mi-go, Gozu,… They are less powerful and specialized but more adaptive and have found various ways to exist in this world far from the portals to their homeworld. Their exact nature are pretty much a mystery at the moment.

ok. goo = is a transdimensional amomaly. is it like in a Ray Bradbury’s fiction story “Tomorrow’s Child”?


Well, my word is not canon/gospel/the truth. it is just as how I interpreted it (and tbh, I didn’t give it that much thought).

I have not read that story. I only read Ray’s bookburning story as far as I can recall.

I thought OP was channeling the Goo mind, not that they were foreign.

That’s actually kind of a relief.

Exactly what I was thinking. It’s less funny when you realize it wasn’t intentional. ;w;

My interpretation of the goo was that it gathered energy directly through whatever dimensional connection it still has to the planes it came from, and it is able to direct this energy to the body that it is inhabiting in order to control its movements and growth. While the body is alive, energy generated by eating food and doing all that good stuff interferes with the goo’s ability to expend its energy to take control, so it tries to use the body it is in to make other inhabited bodies dead, allowing the goo to take control.

As for other creatures eating, there really isn’t a system in for it yet, and it is assumed to be abstracted away for most animals. Bears are assumed to be trying to kill you so they can eat you, wolves will try to attack you if you’re weak, presumably so they can eat you, and so on. NPCs should eat at some point, though that may be abstracted away as well, in that you have to provide a quartermaster with food, and then your quartermaster says “okay everyone has enough to eat” and just makes the food disappear, and none of your followers starve.