Hey guys In my experience games get kinda boreing unless you have a specific goal, I’m up for suggestions on goals and the like the keep me interested any ideas?

Depends on what you enjoy doing.

Fighting (Good):
You are a good person and you want to use your survival skills to help those in need, sort of like a modern-day superhero. You decide that you will seek out those who need help and get them to safety.

Rescue NPCs and gain there trust, then escort them to a safe building somewhere nearby.

Fighting (Evil):
You are the last surviving member of an elite government clean-up crew sent to eliminate all evidence of the experimental labs and there part in the outbreak. With the widespread outbreaks and cataclysmic events of the last few days, your mission was updated to a seek-and-destroy on any survivors in the area. With your team dead and communications cut, you’ve chosen to complete this objective yourself before finding a way out.

Simple: Kill all the NPCs. (Additionally: Destroy/Cave-in lab entrances.)

You are an excellent survivalist with advanced construction skills. You’ve decided that the time for running away is over (since there isn’t anyplace to run anyway) and have decided to build a place for you and others to call home. A simple house won’t cut it though, anyone else that shows up will need a place to live… as well as a clinic, school, storage area, and farm. Don’t forget the walls and defenses!

Build a village, somewhere remote would be best, with walls, houses, farmland, storage areas, a garage, ect.

Man those are kinda cool, thanks man we should keep it going for people mid to end game for something to do instead of suicide

Heck of a good first post, Japak. Welcome aboard! I’ve been meaning to try constructing buildings more.

Start in a lab, escape it

Start in an ice lab, escape it

Start in a 0.01 item spawn city size 16 (maximum) with 0 zombie spawns, avoid starvation until you amass enough food for a week (if you get a forest, don’t forage - that would be easy mode).

As above, but with unstable chemistry, fast metabolism and sleepy.

Just try to find the survivor center and do some of the quests there seems to be hard enough for me :smiley: So that might be a goal.

Specific goals: find a base or home, make explosives to counter stupid npcs with shotguns, and finding a car. Very rewarding with a character with no points in fabrication, tailoring, or mechanics.