Zombie cloning glitch!

So, long story short, i was fighting a soldier zombie and died. Then my laptop battery died before I could get past the gravestone thingy. I somehow got back on my character, but a replica of the zombie appeared, making me fight TWO soldier zombies. And my own corpse was there too, with its loot. I guess this is just a bug with getting off the game while in the RIP thing. I am playing an unstable so maybe it was fixed by now? Not sure, but thought I should mention it.

You can avoid character death by force-quitting the game on the “Watch your last moments? y/n” screen. It’s not intended behavior, just like save-scumming (copy-pasting save files onto the game manually) isn’t. It’s still a thing people do, though, and so it can be expected to not work perfectly as the devs never intended the game to have this sort of functionality. You can expect this not to be looked into further; the game itself will never provide you this sort of option, but I doubt any other restrictions will be put in place too. Think of it as debugging yourself back into life, not an actual way to play.

you dont wanna mess too hard with item cloning and all that.

Well I guess it would be pretty hard to protect from EXITING the game after all. I can’t help but be a little surprised it didn’t clone NPCs too, I got blown up once by one, exited the game and there was only one of him, and my buddy too. (Is the hostile NPC not supposed to attack my follower? Cuz he only focused on me)