Claw Mutations Provide Cutting/Butchering Properies

It’s a little immersion-breaking to have a highly developed canine or feline or beast survivor still need pocket knives or scissors to cut up fabrics or butcher corpses, particularly when they have claw and fang mutations that should compensate in at least one field.

Is it possible to provide properties to these mutations? Something about gutting an animal with your bare claws just calls out to me. Or just straight up eating them and skipping the butchering part. Certain carnivorous traits allow you to straight up rip into corpses, or something like that. That’d be sweet.

Those are some very cool ideas!

butchering without a knife… well i don t think thats good.
Even if i had claws id still use a knife.
Although eating a corpse directly should probably be possible… even though not advisable.
Eating a fresh kill should yield the same infection chance to parasites as eating raw meat.

Perhaps a slightly reduced chance. Or maybe that’s what the parasite resistance mutations are for. Saves time/effort to cook things but you’re still playing around in the muck and grime; eventually you’re gonna get sick.

But by the time you go super mutant, ideally you would want the resources to compensate for such a thing anyway, or else you basically brought it on yourself. Same with being able to safely eat rotten food.

Made me think of Zoidberg.

I am wholly in favor of claws having SOME butcher ability. I suggest a negative butcher modifier though, variable depending on how effective a given style of claw would be for that purpose.