Ghost Town

Feb 24 release.

I just stumbled across a piece of a town that doesn’t appear on my map or minimap. I was walking towards a distant town through what I thought was a field when a street starts in front of me. Tons of empty houses and stores seen so far. Not sure if zeds will be spawning here since it’s technically a field; I’ll update as I explore.

Edit: So this Ghost Town extends over a section of map shown as ‘crater’ also. 10:40 am no sign of any bogies whatsoever; I might have my own non-existent paradise here

Edit 2: I found some zombie corpses and smashed up buildings along with a wrecked car; I recognize it as a former save (which I thought was deleted). Looks like this is save bug of some type. Kind of lends a neat atmosphere to run across the stuff actually.

Did ran into something like this also. Was looking for a good start, so suicide my guy some times just near shelter. And when i finally started playing - his shelter and body was in the middle of the city map, marked as some house :slight_smile: Then i noticed there were more wrongs with the map, so i deleted entire game and recompiled.

whw4, how did you delete your old world? Did you use that function in the menu, and then start a new game in the same process? Because it sounds like the mapbuffer isn’t being reset, despite the new overmap.

Yes, I died then began a New World via the main menu. Figured I’d try that out with this new version.

I just fixed this. It did turn out to be the mapbuffer. For now, quitting & deleting the save folder is the way to go, just like old times.